Broadcast Solutions

From before 2000, Pikolo Systems has been providing broadcasters with intelligent workflow solutions. Our software solutions are designed to help broadcast operations work more efficiently in a homogenous and collaborative environment. Our solutions provide broadcasters the means to communicate and engage effectively despite the complexity of their operations.

From local television to network and internet operations, to satellite and origination operations, our products help broadcasters:

Acquire, Manage, Distribute and Analyze business assets.


Incident Tracker - Broadcast Operations Manager

#1 Discrepancy Reporting Solution for Broadcast

Incident Tracker is a total end to end workflow solution for managing your operations. Designed specifically for broadcast operations, Incident Tracker makes standardization and assessment a snap. Data entry is quick and concise while providing management with detailed reporting and analysis tools. The Incident Tracker is used by broadcast operations to manage more than 1000 channels world wide.

These operations cover a wide range of business models including:

  • Station operations and multi-casting
  • Network operations and channel origination
  • Video on demand
  • Sports Broadcasters and Venues

Pikolo Metrix

Production/Creative Services Workflow Automation

Metrix is an end to end solution for managing production operations. Originally designed in 2005, for broadcast creative services and production teams, Metrix has evolved to support various types of operations with differing levels of complexity. Our clients are television broadcasters, network/cable operators, production firms and independent film makes.

Metrix allows you to automate and digitize your production workflow, get all your staff on the same page by increasing communications on projects, and create audit trails that keeps everyone accountable.