Broadcast Operations Management

Incident Tracker provides a digital medium for incident logging. Every incident from production, acquisition, promotions and playback is recorded and analyzed. This analysis provides management with station progress reports in trends, statistical analysis, cost analysis, and future assessment. The solution allows broadcast groups to assess and compare operations within their various stations.


#1 Rate Broadcast Ops Management Solution

Discrepancy Reporting and Service/Asset Management

The most common cause of incidents are: untrained users, unreported/undocumented resource issues, unavailable resources and staff miscommunications. Whether these incidents are caused by nature, human error or equipment/resource failures, having accurate documentation and analysis provides businesses with the knowledge they need for prevention.

Incident Tracker is a total end to end workflow solution for managing your operations. Designed specifically for broadcast operations, Incident Tracker makes standardization and assessment a snap. Data entry is quick and concise while providing management with detailed reporting and analysis tools.


Eliminate Wasted Resources

The Incident Tracker eliminates the paper waste, time waste and communication lag caused by paper reports. It streamlines the discrepancy resolution process by empowering operators and all departments involved in the process. It creates an environment where incidents are “pushed” to the required individuals. It automates the whole process starting from the operator in master control all the way up to senior management.

Secure, Distributed and Flexible Architecture

Incident Tracker provides the means for organizations to create operational standards and enforce them across all locations. The solution can be implemented at a single station or across a broadcast group. The Incident Tracker boasts a flexible framework that provides complete control of user access all the way down to the field level.

The solution supports a single sign-on using Active Directory. When combined with the total browser based interface, system maintenance is an ease to use for operators and easy to maintain.


Some Incident Tracker Highlights:
  • The solution can be completely customized to fit your organization's needs
  • You define how the solution works; Push items to those who need it when it is needed
  • Management can generate extensive reports and generate detailed analysis of operations
  • Integrated dashboard provides real-time overview of operations and work orders
  • Operators can quickly document issues and technicians can quickly address service requests