Continuity of Operations

Are You Prepared?

Paper-based processes create hurdles for continuity after a disaster. The Incident Tracker's centralized and data driven architecture simplifies your disaster preparedness.

Acts of God and man can sometimes be devastating. With the Incident Tracker, all of your operation's information is documented and stored in digital format, making backup and retrieval quick and easy.

  • All asset and incident information is stored in a database which can be backed up to external sites
  • The distributed architecture allows an organization to quickly get back online
  • Licensing allows for a backup install in-waiting. Providing for an easy and quick transition if needed

Identify Asset Profiles - Minimize Downtime

A paper inventory can create major headaches after a disaster. With the Incident Tracker's asset and equipment management suite, you can quickly locate asset profiles, warranties and more.

The Incident Tracker provides the means to attach firmware, updates and equipment settings to the asset profile. After a disaster, these features assist the facility in reconfiguring machines and locating missing parts.