Pikolo Software Integration Service

Recreating the wheel is usually not the most efficient way to execute business operations. Sometimes taking advantage of an existing set of interfaces can speed up projects. When using these application programming interfaces (API), the user leverages the knowledge of those who created the API without having to immerse themselves in learning, understanding, then coding and testing these functions.



Building a bridge.

Pikolo Systems creates custom API for clients to extend their existing solutions. These interfaces provide a bridge to additional functionality the client may be needing. The interfaces can be designed to push information to another service or to pull data from an external source.

Some common but general API include, but are not limited: address verification, contact and phone number validation, e-commerce (credit card processing), social media ( Facebook, LinkedIn, Google) and integration to CRM solutions.

Pikolo Systems can design and create custom API for your team to share data with our systems and other vendor applications you are using and/or connect an existing solution to an extended network or service.

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