Monday, April 6, 2015
TCT Ministries Selects Pikolo Systems’ Incident Tracker for Operations Management
Leading religious broadcaster, TCT Ministries selects Pikolo Systems’ operations management workflow solution, Incident Tracker, to streamline its discrepancy reporting and resource management. TCT Ministries is headquartered in Marion, Illinois has fourteen physical locations across the United States and a global reach using its diverse media channels. A key factor in the decision was Incident Tracker’s flexibility, ease of use and customization capabilities.
With Incident Tracker, TCT Ministries is able to centralize their operations across multiple locations throughout the United States, allowing them to implement the solution to match their existing infrastructure and broadcast procedures. Incident Tracker allows for centralization while permitting local administration at each site. Extensive user roles and access methodologies restrict user access all the way down to the record level. This ensures data accuracy and accountability.
Discrepancy reporting with integrated service request and asset management
Along with flexible implementation options, TCT Ministries also took advantage of the free customization options available to Incident Tracker customers to implement interfaces that allowed Incident Tracker to communicate seamlessly with its other vendor products.


The Incident Tracker solution makes communication simple and efficient, A discrepancy can create a trouble ticket, engineering management can follow up and assign that trouble ticket to an engineer, as the engineer fixes the equipment, it tracks the repair process, parts utilized to fix, and costs and associates that costs to the inventory. The customization that Pikolo delivered is exactly what we needed, that customization brought into the discrepancy interface automatically all of our station transmitter readings and we are currently working on automatic process of bringing in our EAS alerts to create a single report for a chief operator checklist with all the information, Transmitter, EAS, Discrepancies, down time, being automatically generated. This is a life saver in man power when engineer staffing is hard to come by you need to get creative and get them a system that allows them to work on what matters and not get boggled down in paperwork.

- Bruce Hart, VP of Engineering at TCT Network

Incident Tracker is more than a discrepancy reporting solution. Although it is used to meet regulatory requirements (i.e. FCC, CRTC), Incident Tracker provides enterprise capabilities that help organizations maximize resource utilization and improve operations. The solution can be implemented at a single station or across a broadcast group. The Incident Tracker boasts a flexible framework that provides complete control of user access all the way down to the field level.
Benefits garnered from Incident Tracker include: digitized discrepancy and incident reporting; easy documentation of operational tasks eliminating procedural errors; service request management for scheduled and preventive maintenance; and increased staff engagement through collaboration.
TCT Ministries’ ultimate goals were to resolve issues quickly and to improve performance. By using Incident Tracker to capture the data that’s important to their operations, they are now able to perform queries, database searches, produce charts and keep everyone informed with facts and resolutions.
About Incident Tracker
Incident Tracker has been the top operational management tool for broadcasters for nearly 15 years, with over 2,000 channels managed worldwide with Incident Tracker. Content managed with Incident Tracker reaches more than 1.5 billion viewers daily. Please complete a demo request, for more information on Incident Tracker and to setup for  a free trial.
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