Monday, February 2, 2015
Incident Tracker Version 8 Available – Pikolo Systems Announces Upgrade of Its Enterprise Discrepancy and Operations Management Solution
Pikolo Systems announces the release of Incident Tracker 8, a major upgrade of the enterprise operations management solution used by broadcasters to manage discrepancies and overall facility operations. Broadcasters will benefit from the many new features and external integrations with third-party vendors available with the new version.
Incident Tracker is web-based and designed specifically for managing broadcast operations with an emphasis on: ease of use, data consistency, accountability, assessment and staff engagement. The system is used for managing discreps, service requests, assets, report distribution and more – including most of the daily ops requirements (live events, control room, master control, production and etc.).
integrated video player allows immediate video access to discrepancy
Incident Tracker provides broadcasters with the means to streamline their operations while reducing costs and increasing staff engagement. The solution provides a centralized web-based architecture while allowing local administration (single location, multi-location, multi-national implementation). Additionally, Incident Tracker incorporates detailed reporting and analysis to provide business intelligence. Flexible distribution options ensure that managers, traffic and other stakeholders have the information they need in a timely manner.
Incident Tracker version 8 builds upon the existing features by adding more flexibility in reporting and detailed real-time dashboards for both service and incident management. A new application interface module allows for integration with external applications (compliance recorders, playout/automation systems, broadcast devices, and etc.). As a part of the vendor integration, broadcasters now have the ability to view video verification of incidents from one centralized portal.
Incident Tracker 8 is completely web-based – there are no Java or ActiveX components to install. Users can access the system from any modern browser or mobile device. As with all Pikolo upgrades, Incident Tracker 8 is available for download for free. Contact Pikolo Support at (214) 446-3020 or to download your free upgrade.
About Incident Tracker
Incident Tracker is the #1 rated discrepancy solution for broadcasters. Content managed with Incident Tracker reaches more than 1 billion viewers daily. Incident Tracker is designed specifically for broadcast operations with an emphasis on: ease of use, data consistency, accountability, assessment and staff engagement. The system is used for managing discrepancies, service requests, assets, report distribution and operational assessment.
About Pikolo Data Systems, Inc.
Pikolo is an innovative software company pioneering best-in-class, client-centric solutions for managing, sharing and distributing business data. Since 2002, Pikolo has been providing solutions that empower our clients by digitizing workflows. These process improvements increase staff engagement and resource utilization, while providing accountability. Pikolo Systems is headquartered in Dallas, Texas.